Custom Skin-Care Programs

Moist, clear, firm, smooth skin lights up your face as no feature or cosmetic can do. Age-old folk skin-care routines now combine with modern understanding of dermal physiology to allow genuine improvements in your complexion.

There are thousands of products on the market that promise to bestow beautiful skin on their users. Some do what they say they will do; some do not. Some are ideal for one group of people but are not so good for other groups. Some are potentially irritating, allergenic, or simply not conducive to happy skin. Some are excellent, carefully blended products that can help you to get that glow.

Would you like some help in sorting out options?

There are indeed simple, basic topical medications and skin-care routines you can adopt that will greatly improve your complexion. To assist you in finding the right path through the forest of lotions and potions, Wendy — a fully qualified nurse specialist in cosmetic dermatology — will perform a careful, professional assessment of your skin. She will discuss her findings, and talk with you about what you might like to change. Then, Wendy will prescribe a custom skin-care program using highest-quality, medically validated products. She will explain how to use these products, and will tell you what results you can expect. Once you start your new regime, Wendy will be available to help you if you wish to adjust it in any way, or if you experience unexpected sensitivities or reactions.

If you’d like to get started now on a simple program to rejuvenate, repair, and replenish your skin, call Wendy’s office (408-866-4884) and request a custom skin-care consultation.



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