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Our proven, non-surgical procedures can smooth your skin, erase wrinkles, plump your lips, restore a youthful fullness to your face and hands — even apply permanent, no-hassle makeup to your eyebrows, and eyes.

If you are uncomfortable with the noticeable signs of aging like loss of skin tone, sagging, wrinkling, and more, we can help. Using cutting-edge products, along with the skill and experience to apply them effectively, we can help you restore a vibrant, youthful look, a more gorgeous you!

Wendy Holmes is an experienced nurse professional who specializes in aesthetic treatments. She has years of experience and is widely recognized for her pioneering work in aesthetic rejuvenation. Wendy ensures your welfare and comfort, and she strives to give you a personalized look that is subtle, natural, and attractive.

Our Services

Botox/Wrinkle Relaxants

Learn how neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport can stop your wrinkles from forming.

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Dermal Fillers

Smooth your wrinkles and creases, plump and shape lips with in-office filler treatments.

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Sculptra Treatments

Regain your youthful facial volume and smoothness by stimulating your own collagen.

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Permanent Makeup

Wake up every day with your eyebrows and eyeliner already applied in a safe and professional environment by an RN.

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Custom Skin-Care Programs

We offer pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical grade skin care products, selected specifically for your individual needs.

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Total-Look Consultation (TLC)

Find out about the options available to you in our office to address your concerns during one comprehensive consultation.

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Special Offer!

Get smoother, younger looking hands with fillers.

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